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We use Design Thinking & Digital Technology to effect positive change in society. For us it's not merely a case of doing whatever pays the bills, we're serious about making a difference in society by empowering those at the forefront of social change making a positive impact. We believe digital innovation is the next frontier for massively changing society for the better, providing wider means of collaboration, access to information and more accessible approaches to collective problem solving.
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We're an ethical service provider. That means we prefer to focus on promoting products, services and causes which have a positive impact on people and society and do as little harm as possible in the process. We prefer doing good while earning our keep.
Digital Innovation Services.

Our collection of services are tailored to the modern business and organisational needs, with open collaboration, mobile accessibility, flexibility and integration in mind. We want to see your world changing endeavors taken to the next level.

Digital Design

We design solutions not only to be eye candy but to perform the function required and tailored for results based on investigating both business and customer needs.

Web & Mobile Development

Leveraging the latest technologies, open source software & streamlined methods we build web tools, websites & digital products to enable efficiency, save time and money and provide people with solutions at their fingertips. We are also fully capable of developing native Android & iOS applications for a wide range of needs.

Brand Development

With Experience in 360 Degree Brand Development and Big Agency background we've been through the trenches on creating the image and communications to connect with those who matter.

User Experience

We always encourage decisions based on a deep understanding of the needs of all those who the proposed solutions may affect by digging deep to understand whether what we're executing is absolutely the right thing.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Communications Spectrum can be overwhelming at times with SEO, Tons of Channels, Multiple Devices and Marketing Trends. We've dealt with them all and can advise and enable your campaigns based on a deep understanding of the Digital Space.

Web Maintenance

As WordPress Specialists we know both the joys and the frustrations of the platform so many consider to be their top choice. We offer a full suite of website management, optimization security and maintenance services to keep your digital spaces in great space so you can focus on what you do best.

Digital Design & Development Specialists on a mission to improve Society

I Speak to Machines!

Asif is a entrepreneur, full stack developer and a technology evangelist who's qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in software development. He's founded a number of startups and web apps including Neuron OS a Medical Practice Management SaaS Application.
Asif Amod
Technical Director

Nice to meet

Nur is an Ethically Focused Designer with a Specialisation in Digital with 16+ years experience working across media, in various countries and on a wide range of Brands.
Nur Ahmad Furlong
Design Director

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