17 September 2015

Does it feel like finding digital experts you can trust and afford is like finding a needle in a haystack?

We've worked in digital agencies before, we know about the

  • Lies and bogus promises
  • Arm and a leg budgets
  • Campaigns for awards instead of results
  • Egos and know it alls
  • The list goes on we know

Are you looking for an honest, ethically focused, tech savvy digital partner?

2Beards Ethically Digital Innovations Lab

How about working with people you can trust.

People who will advise on the most appropriate decisions
even if that means lower budgets.


We Are 2Beards

Tech Savvy

We are Specialists in Digital Design & Development. We don't overcharge our clients to cover unnecesary overheads. We're not cheap though, we're proud to offer a quality service. We have worked with companies globally big and small and we have all the skills you need to suite your digital needs light or heavy.

We'll show you how ‪digital‬ can reduce costs, reduce paperwork and better serve your customers or staff. We can advise on ways to streamline a whole host of other business activities and stay ahead of your competitors using the appropriate digital strategy.

Who's behind 2Beards?

Nur Ahmad Furlong Photo

Nur Ahmad Furlong
Design Thinker

Nur is an ethically focused designer with a specialisation in digital with 16+ years experience working across media, in various countries and on a wide range of brands.

Asif Amod
specialist Developer

Asif is a entrepreneur, full stack developer and a technology evangelist who's qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in software development and google certification. He has founded a number of startups and Saas web apps.

Asif Amod Photo

Give Us a Try

We offer digital design, web & app development, marketing, strategic and user experience (UX) services. If you need a website big or small, app, email campaign or just some hosting or maintenance we've got you covered.

Design & Development Services

Ethically Focused

We're an ethical service provider. That means we prefer to focus on promoting products, services and causes which have a positive impact on people and society and do as little harm as possible in the process. We prefer doing good while earning our keep.

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